Changing the game with QD Active Aligners – Clear Aligners

Historically, pricing for aligner therapy meant most people couldn’t afford it, but thankfully to our provider network, advancements in technology and business efficiencies, it allows us to be a lot more affordable than the other guys.

We looking forward to having you on-board and helping your practice go from strength to strength.

There has never been a better time to be a Dental Professional

Thanks to modern technology, you could be anywhere in the world and become and Active Aligner provider. Our workflows are digital and easy to follow, even if you want to use PVS impressions, our powerful in-lab CAD/CAM solutions allow you to ship your patient’s impressions to us. 

If you haven’t had any previous clear aligner experience or training, we highly advise that you do our online course, it covers our digital workflows, tooth movement protocols through to prescribing Active Aligners to your patients. (Active Aligners online Accreditation Course)

Visit our Doctors resource page for additoinal information: Doctors Resources

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